The Lion Empire has just conquered the Professor's home planet, and the Professor escapes with ENIS and a Gar Crystal. Kijani orders Noland to give chase.

Five years later, Ohta is mining on Evaikari when he comes across Old Man Nomos using a massive mining machine. They strike up a conversation, with Nomos treating Ohta like a grandson. A brief exposition on Evaikari and FAP’s relations occurs here as they discuss the upcoming referendum on Evaikari’s entry into the Federation of Allied Planets. At the same time, Noland and a Lion Empire fleet of Gray ships jumps into the system, having finally deciphered the long and twisting trail Nomos laid for them. For unknown reasons, Nomos stopped on Evaikari, rather than continuing on with his journey. The Grays proceed to launch an attack on Evaikari’s population centers to draw out Nomos, easily decimating the non-mecha forces of Evaikari’s defense forces.

Nomos and Ohta feel the attack deep in the mine, and Nomos brings Ohta deeper into the mines, assuring him he’ll be safe. Using the machine, they break through into a cavern that Nomos made long ago using ENIS. Predicting that the Lions would have caught up with him by this time, he’d been trying to recover the mecha. He shoves Ohta in and climbs in behind him, then launches ENIS into space. Ohta sees the invasion and widespread destruction, and forces Nomos to attack a Gray spaceship, destroying it and attracting the attention of the Lions.

Noland attacks and fights quite well, knocking Nomos unconscious and causing ENIS to stop functioning. Ohta is forced to connect into the pilot interface, but this takes a while to synchronize. Meanwhile, Noland directs the Gray Super, IMCML, to retrieve ENIS. Ohta takes control and in a hard-fought battle, defeats the Super. Noland charges back down and just barely misses ENIS as Ohta flees into space. Thus ends the first episode.